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First things first, this is not a Satanist cult. So, no worries there. I’m just a girl that looked into the aptly named hole in a cave in Tennessee and thought, ‘Huh, that would be a great name for a blog!’, and so, in a pub in downtown Knoxville, Devil’s Hole Ventures was born. My aim is to explore the world and experience new and exciting things, eat lots of food, (I can’t stress that last one enough.) take some pretty pictures and write about it. Oh, and maybe a strange video here and there. So join me on my adventures… if you dare!


Casey Odell

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I write books, obsessively consume pop culture—and sweets, love thrift shopping, and gaming, and reading, and occasionally dabble in photography and the arts. Graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in film. Like every twenty-something I’m still trying to find my way and figure it all out. At least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t feel left behind…


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Devil’s Hole Ventures

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Born in a pub in Knoxville, Tennessee, Devil’s Hole Ventures gets its name from a particular feature in the Lost Sea Adventure Caves. Legend has it, that when you look into the hole and you see the Devil’s face you have not been the best person… Well, guess what I saw?





Although I will try my best to give accurate information, things change, prices fluctuate, sometimes my research may not be complete, or may be faulty, or I was misinformed about something. So please double check that a place still exists, pricing, or about times of operation, etc. Also, all opinions on here are my own. Feel free to discuss why you don’t like a particular place or food or item, but don’t blame me if my definition of spicy is different from yours! Use all of the info on this site at your own risk! Dun, dun, dun!!!

I will also not sell your personal information and am also not a fan of spamming. I like Spam where it belongs– in a can! However, I cannot be accountable for commenters or advertisers.

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