They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there is more to a photo than what you see. This is Behind The Photo where we explore the story behind the shot, from why we took the picture to interesting history and tidbits of the subject.


Brooklyn Bridge Hike


So tired!


I know, not the best picture, but bear with me, there is a story here! It was several years ago during my first visit to NYC. I was young and ready to go! And go I did! After getting off my flight and dropping my things off at my friend’s place where I was staying in Brooklyn, we walked all around lower Manhattan. Tired and exhausted, we thought it would be a good idea to hike across the entirety of the Brooklyn Bridge. How far/ hard could it be?? We learned pretty quickly what we had decided to undertake, but we were determined! Also, the view! Unfortunately I hadn’t thought to bring a tripod with me and balancing my camera precariously on the edge as cars zoomed by underneath didn’t seem like a great idea. So, I am left with this blurry memento of the time I thought that hiking across the Brooklyn Bridge at night was a good idea.

Fun Fact: There were people that sold bottles of water at the entrance to the bridge. Of course our young minds didn’t think to buy any…



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