They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there is more to a photo than what you see. This is Behind The Photo where we explore the story behind the shot, from why we took the picture to interesting history and tidbits of the subject.




First time!


This one is a little more personal. Before my trip to Tennessee back in January, this Florida born-and-raised girl, had never seen snow before! Crazy right? So, when we stopped at a rest area up in the mountains and I saw this thin smattering of icy-white fluffiness I had to get out and play with it. I’m sure people thought I was a crazy person. Who gets excited at an inch of snow at a rest area? Well, this girl sure did! Fortunately I got to see much more later on on the trip, where I didn’t look like an escaped asylum patient playing in it.

Fun Fact: It was cold!



See, much more snow! Whee!



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