The vacation that started it all

Not that we haven’t traveled before, but this is the vacation that spurred us to create Devil’s Hole Ventures. As three Florida girls that grew up in perpetual heat, we needed a break and decided that we actually wanted to freeze our butts off. The sweltering winter heat of Florida begs for icy roads and losing traction on snowy mountains. And so began our venture to explore the holes of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.

As three broke-ass girls, we decided that we needed to do this trip cheap. And since it was freezing and out of season, we got a great deal on a cabin up a perilous road with a great view. A Place in Time, the cabin was called, looking like a lumberjack threw up all over it, covered in bear decorations and inspirational quotes. Oh, and a red heart shaped tub in the bedroom. Seeing as how none of us were on our honeymoon, it didn’t get much use…

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