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Amsterdam, The Great Surprise

When talking about my travels, I often bring up how Amsterdam is the most surprising place that I have been. Why? Well, it’s one of the few places that blew my preconceptions of it right out of the water. Back a few years ago when we, me and a few friends, were planning our great European adventure, I was hesitant to add Amsterdam to the itinerary. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t know all that much about the city. What I had heard was that it was a party city filled with legal drugs and prostitution and frat boys. (Do they have those in Europe?) But my friends wanted to go and I will pretty much go anywhere. What I didn’t expect was to be totally blown away by the Dutch city.

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Behind The Photo: Amsterdam Sinking

Why so crooked__

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there is more to a photo than what you see. This is Behind The Photo where we explore the story behind the shot, from why we took the picture to interesting history and tidbits of the subject.

Amsterdam Sinking

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, but if you spend any amount of time looking at the buildings, something seems, well… off. Now, I’m not saying that the builders were partaking in the local, let’s say delicacies, but I’m not saying they weren’t either. In all seriousness though, Amsterdam and pretty much most, if not all of the Netherlands, has been fighting an ongoing battle with Poseidon for centuries. The buildings in Amsterdam were actually built on thousands of wooden poles so that they didn’t sink down into the soft soil. But, like most things, it isn’t perfect and some buildings settled, or sunk a little bit, giving the city a charming, off kilter look.

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