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The part-time Free Spirit

Christ 1

Dare to know more!

Hello blog readers! In order to give you all a little background I’ll start with how each of us knows each other. Penny is my wonderful, difficult, pessimistic younger “twin” sister and I have known Casey since way back when in Kindergarten! Casey and I have traveled to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Athens, and Kavala together and she is commonly mistaken as the third sister.

Part Hippie

I call myself the part-time free spirit because I love travelling, but with school and life and a dog and responsibilities, it’s hard to commit to the full time free spirit gig. So, on the weekends, once a month, or once a year depending on how my life is partitioned at the moment, I get to call myself a free spirit and wander new places and taste yummy foods and see new people and hear new languages and all that wonderful and exciting stuff.

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The Other Weird One

IMG_3541 (2)

You sure you want to know more?

Also the nerdy one. We’re all nerdy in our own ways, but I think my room is the only one decorated with action figures and owns three generations of PlayStations. But that’s a topic for another time…

Florida Native

I grew up in Florida, AKA Moist heat flat land, and spent most of my youth aboard boats and on the water and beaches. It was also then that I caught the travel bug and have been doing so ever since. I’ve been around (get your head out of the gutter!) but I have many more places to explore. And photograph.

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Getting Funky with Penny

Penny 1

Know us better… at your own risk!

It’s bio time again ya’ll! Hello to all our readers from Devil’s Mistresses #2. I hope that this blog gives you a good laugh, helps you see things from a different perspective, and gets you excited to try something new. I’m not afraid to tell it like it is and talk about things that might make you uncomfortable, so you’ve been warned. Penny should be synonymous with ‘it’s a TMI train wreck that you can’t look away from’.

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