Christ 1

Dare to know more!

Hello blog readers! In order to give you all a little background I’ll start with how each of us knows each other. Penny is my wonderful, difficult, pessimistic younger “twin” sister and I have known Casey since way back when in Kindergarten! Casey and I have traveled to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Athens, and Kavala together and she is commonly mistaken as the third sister.

Part Hippie

I call myself the part-time free spirit because I love travelling, but with school and life and a dog and responsibilities, it’s hard to commit to the full time free spirit gig. So, on the weekends, once a month, or once a year depending on how my life is partitioned at the moment, I get to call myself a free spirit and wander new places and taste yummy foods and see new people and hear new languages and all that wonderful and exciting stuff.

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