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Would You Use These??

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I‘m always curious about how everyday people of times past lived their everyday lives. One of the things those people did (and still do, I believe…) is use the toilet. I am always curious about toilets and bathrooms throughout the ages. Does that make me weird?

Anyways, at the Ruins of Philippi in Greece there are some pretty well preserved latrines. I don’t know about you, but they seem a little too communal for my tastes. But, I suppose if you had to go, you had to go!

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Behind The Photo: Caryatids

Not The Real Ones

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes there is more to a photo than what you see. This is Behind The Photo where we explore the story behind the shot, from why we took the picture to interesting history and tidbits of the subject.

Caryatids at the Acropolis

The Caryatids that support the roof of the Erechtheion porch at the Acropolis in Athens are certainly unique. But, they aren’t the real deal. To see the real ancient ladies you’ll have to visit a museum nearby, and one a little further away. Five of the original six are on display in the Acropolis Museum and have undergone a recent restoration. The sixth however, is located faraway in the British Museum. How did it end up there? Well, back in the day, early 1800s days, a man named Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin and British ambassador removed the statue along with other parts of the Parthenon and took them back to England. He later sold it and his collection, known as the Elgin Marbles, to the British government to help pay off debt. And so, there they remain with some controversy, in England. A lone Caryatid separated from her sisters.

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My Favorite Food Holes

My Favorite Food Holes

One of the things I like most about traveling is stuffing my face with the local cuisine. These are some of my favorite places:

New Orleans

I can’t say enough good things about the food in New Orleans. One of my favorite, if not top places to fill my food hole. One of the best places to find Creole and Cajun cooking, the perfect blend of heat and spice, but not too overpowering to the point you are crying or can’t taste the rest of your food. Shrimp and grits: yes. Etouffee: check. Gumbo: yes please! If that’s not your thing— I get it I guess, but truly you are missing out!— New Orleans also serves up a diverse seafood menu as well. However, the small crustacean, crayfish, reigns supreme. They’re everywhere and for good reason. They are delicious. Though I wasn’t brave enough to eat the whole thing like most people told me to. And if you have as big a sweet tooth as me, then New Orleans has you covered there as well. Beignets will surely make you gain a few pounds. Why? Because you will be eating so many of them they are so good. The Famous Café du Monde is open 24 hours a day so you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Also pralines are so ubiquitous they gave them away at my hotel.

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