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Also the nerdy one. We’re all nerdy in our own ways, but I think my room is the only one decorated with action figures and owns three generations of PlayStations. But that’s a topic for another time…




Florida Native


I grew up in Florida, AKA Moist heat flat land, and spent most of my youth aboard boats and on the water and beaches. It was also then that I caught the travel bug and have been doing so ever since. I’ve been around (get your head out of the gutter!) but I have many more places to explore. And photograph.

In 2008 I graduated at the ripe old age of 20 with a Bachelors in Film and while I’m not directing big Hollywood pictures, I did dip my toes into a hobby I still love today. Photography.

I’m still learning and believe that I’ll always be, in every aspect of my life, not just photography. That is one of the reasons I fell in love with traveling. Learning about and experiencing different cultures and ways of life, trying new cuisines, seeing places I’ve only ever seen in pictures or movies. Life is too short to not experience all the world has to offer.

But enough of the cheese, more about me…




Shameless Self Promotion


I currently am an independent writer and have had some success with some of my novels. (Shameless self-promotion time: Cursed Magic Series available at most digital retailers!) I have multiple fur babies, 4 cats which you may see pictures on here or my other sites from time to time. Also, if you see pictures on here where I look a little different, it’s true! After many years of straightening my hair, I finally gave in and learned to embrace (mostly…) my natural very curly hair. So I apologize for any photos of me where I may look a bit crazy. My hair seems to have a mind of its own sometimes! Also, I love fashion and shoes! You don’t even want to know how many pairs I have!

There’s much more to me, but I’m sure you’ll get to know me more as we go along. If you want to. Sometimes I’m surprised anyone would want to get to know me! So join us on our adventures and get to know us in all of our weirdness!

Or if you want to message me and talk to me about games or which Doctor was the best or debate Kirk VS Picard, feel free to do so!



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